August 25, 2017
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5 Tips To Earn More As A Freelancer

When you choose to become a freelancer, there are many things to consider in order to be sure of getting the right start and hopefully get it all to run around. As a freelancer you run more risks than normal employees. On the other hand, you will experience a tremendous freedom in her work, and often work with more challenging projects. As a freelance illustrator and graphic designer for several years, I have here assembled six tips to all freelancers.

1. Share office space with other businesses

As newly created freelancer, is it not certain that you have built the largest network, and therefore, it can sometimes be a bit cumbersome to work alone from home, why it is clearly advisable to share Office with others. If you rent a desk in an Office community, you will quickly learn a lot of new companies to know, and it can be the springboard to a long collaboration and new customers.

2. Get a handle on the economy

Unless you are a freelance accountant, accounting and finance is hardly something that interests you. But you must not forget that a good financial overview leads a long list of advantages with it. If you’re using a simple accounting program you will get an overview of your finances quickly. In accounting program will it also be clarified, which customers that contribute most to your salary. An accounting program can save you much frustration and Excel headache, and gives you more time to concentrate on just what you’re good at.

3. Get some regular tasks

As a freelancer, you each month need to get enough tasks in house to pay your own salary. In order to be sure that there is money for rent and cat food, it’s a good idea to have some regular tasks every week or month. It gives peace of mind to know that you do not start from zero every month, and when you are sure that your expenses are covered, you can be more critical with the tasks you take in.

4. Work begets work

A frequently asked question sounds so ‘ How do you get tasks as freelancer? ‘. My experience is that work begets work. The vast majority of tasks, I’ve got, is based on the recommendation of the previous tasks. In addition, you get far more often tasks from repeat customers, than from brand new. When you need to find new tasks, there is a wealth of freelance portals, and Facebook groups for just that purpose. However, it may be hard to compete on the international pages, since many freelancers are willing to undercut your price. As a freelancer in Denmark, it is necessary to have a relatively high hourly rate than many other places in the world.

5. Good apps for freelancers

As a freelance graphic artist working often with hourly rates, and to keep track of the hours I spend on a task, I repeatedly reverted back to Toggl is a simple time tracking, which both operate on desktop and which smartphone app. One can easily create projects, which will be registered on the basis of when you have worked on them. In this way, one can show the customer what you exactly have spent hours on, and either attach as annex or write directly on the invoice.

Through time I have tested 8 different online file-sharing services, and dropbox is by far the most well functioning. As a freelancer, I have often used their public-folder-solution by handing over of files. Their Camera Upload function has also replaced my old scanner for digitizing of sketches and inspiration. However, it is a function of both Google and Apple can deliver. For larger businesses, I can also definitely recommend Dropbox for Businesses, although it requires a certain file-discipline among members.

Adobe Creative Cloud

As creative comes not without about Adobe’s programs such as. Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign. Once upon a time you had to have the large purse above, if one were to buy their programs, and their Master Suite cost like over 20,000 kroner. Today Adobe fortunately updated their concept, and their programs are available on a subscription basis to about 400 krd/md. For all their programs. View the various options on the