August 25, 2017
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Success As An Freelancer

Do you dream of being an freelancer, or you already have thrown you out in life as an independent?

So let me give you the boring facts: 2 out of 3 freelancers are closing, unfortunately, within three years.

It is tough odds, but do not despair!

Many freelancers are committing the same stupid mistakes that could easily be avoided with the right knowledge, attitude and approach

I myself am an freelancer by heart, and I turn to work for myself, get good ideas and put them into life.

I love the freedom of self-determination and decide my own future.

I love the experiences and opportunities it offers. For example, last year I was a walk in Las Vegas with a bunch of good friends.

Life as an freelancer is the ultimate rus if you thrive on taking chances, living in limbo and do not know what tomorrow brings.

The responsibility is yours and yours alone, and there is no dear mom, if it goes wrong. On the other hand, is also your profit and your alone when it goes well, and rolls into the millions.

How can it be that the 2/3 of freelancers must turn the key on in the first three years?

Here are my five key ingredients in the recipe for success as an freelancer.

1. Work Hard, like really hard

There is no way around it: you’re going to work hard and a lot. I have seen freelancer who have built a nice little store with a nice little effort, but it will also never more than that.

You get what you are providing. In order to be successful as an freelancer, you must work harder than your competitors. You must meet before the meetings, and you may be, when they go.

On the other hand, I have 2 good news.

1: Talent is overrated.

2: it’s not about luck.

The brightest freelancers was not necessarily the smartest in school. On the contrary, it turns out, in fact, often. Successful freelancers are also not more fortunate than all others. They often have multiple failures behind them, but they are willing to learn and go on until they succeeded. From the outside it can seem like luck, but behind the surface hiding thousands of hours and a lot of mistakes. Successful freelancers are passionate wholeheartedly through because they think 100% of the project and are willing to work hard and sacrifice less important things along the way.

If you want to win, you have to set yourself on the slave. Failure is not an option.

2. Quality, quality and quality

However, it is not enough to invest hours in it. No matter which industry you throw you over, and what type of business you are building, so the quality is the key to success. You simply cannot achieve success without providing quality. Sentence. Make sure to always play your absolute best, and tag you as paid then. You will be known for providing high quality on time and at the agreed price – nothing less! And can you in any way provide a little bit more than the customer expects, then do it. It pays in the long run.

I helped to build a media agency, where we at 5 years went from nothing to 30 employees and a gross profit of 18 million DKK, and we have NEVER made a single cold canvasopkald. Instead we used the time to deliver the coolest solutions to customers, challenge and develop them and keep our own products and services completely up-to-date and ahead of the curve.

All projects and customers have come by themselves, through recommendations or network. It gives you only by delivering excellence.

3. The customer has (almost) always right

It’s an old cliché, but nevertheless the Sandy: you live by your customers. That is why customer service your most important task. At all. A happy customer returning time after time. And if he gets topdollar-service and a quality that is far beyond what is expected (and maybe agreed), then you have created an Ambassador, who, on their own initiative, recommend you in its network.

References and recommendations are, after all, the easiest way to sell on. Just remember that the customer service not to mention the customer after mouth or always give him right. It is to listen to your customer, provide advice objectively and deliver the right solution.

Your cooperation is ultimately your responsibility, then take responsibility for the Customer has placed his livelihood. in your hands, so he should be able to mark, that you want the best for his business.

Quibble your customer care, or are there problems with cooperation, it is because your expectations do not match. You will make both of you a favor by taking a thorough matching of expectations with the customer.

4. Stand out

It can operate cross-border, but you have to stand out from the crowd. Find out what’s special about you or your business – and beat on it. Maybe you’re super geek who knows everything about the code. Or video expert, which make the coolest videos and is a peripatetic pundit in video production and marketing services.

It can be, you have the largest selection or the best customer service. Maybe in just the cheapest. It is about finding your strength and sell yourself on it. You are, of course, have to be honest. If you do not have the country’s lowest-priced products, it is not the price, you have to compete on.

Make your adornments to your strength, and tell about it in all your marketing and communications. Regardless of where your customer meets you, your characteristics shine through.

Last but not least, you have to take some chances that sets you apart. You don’t get attention if you do the same thing every single day. Not if you do it the same as everyone else. Sometimes you have to stand up and shout to be heard persuade. Or take the consequences and find a brand new instrument to play on.

It was my 5 tips to achieve success as an freelancer.
– Guest blog from Matthew Anderson