August 24, 2017
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Is It A Good Idea To Be A Freelancer

To work according to your own schedule, be your own boss, experience different trades, have a short-term impact on valuable projects, and the chance to earn big money.

Freelancers world has many benefits, but there are just many disadvantages to take into account, if you are considering to move to this type of career.

Clarification of the myths about being a freelancer

Like most things in life, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Ask anyone in a job that isn’t leading to anyting, and they’ll say that freelancers must have a great weekday: no boss, no small fights at work, not something with that slide and slip from 8 to 4 and then on top of that they earn good money. Ask the freelancer anywhere, and they will point out a few things you haven’t thought about:

No guaranteed income – you’ll have to accept that there will not be any pay into the Bank each month, so a quiet period at work means that you will need to take your savings to keep you floating. Creating your own workload is a major step if you’ve always got your work from others.

No sick days – it is an unfortunate fact that the self-employed and freelancers simply can’t afford to keep up with that work. A few days off with a heavy cold is quite simply not a choice when there is no other to take workload.

No boss – you maybe dream about not having a boss looking over your shoulder, but without a boss, you have no one to turn to when you need it. You are a supplier, not an employee, and you have to be your own boss and manage your customers.

No rights – you will not enjoy the standardized series of workers ‘ rights, as age discrimination or ethnic discrimination. Freelancers have rights, but you’re the easiest company can do without – no matter how good your work is.

Reasons to become a freelancer

When above paint such a negative picture, you might be wondering why people become freelancers, bearing in mind the security of a permanent employment.

Often people freelancers without you know you are a freelancer if you work for someone else for a specified period of time under a fixed contract.

You will often sell your skills and your time, and will usually be paid per hour – even though contracts with a fixed price for a fixed project also is an option depending on your area of expertise.

There are two types of freelancers; those who are freelancers by choice, and those it is standard for. There are no roles and industries where norm is a migratory labour that follows the money.

You may simply be someone who likes to be your own boss, and appreciate the work-life balance. There are tax advantages which makes that you can claim expenses to put against your income.

A top graphic designer, management consultant, IT consultant or financial expert can earn good money for their specific skills, like they can choose who they can work too.

If you have a special skill to sell, you may feel that you have the ability to earn much more than if you are employed. In times when companies are uncertain about their financial future, is a short-term cost of a freelancer a safer choice than the costs associated with hiring someone full-time, which perhaps may be deprived of his Office again a few months later.

To be a successful freelancer

The following can be valuable for all professionals, but those who are considering becoming a freelancer must be extra careful to develop skills in these areas

Networking – your work does not come out from the air, so you have to show you, and build a reputation as a man can be trusted to do a good job with high standard.

Management of time – if you are on a short contract or if you are juggling several projects at the same time, you need to keep track of how much you have worked and maximize every minute you have. Your customers will not be happy if you take paid for 10 hours of work, if it looks like you have only worked two.

Budget – the first thing you need to do is to decide what you’re worth, so you can take a reasonable hourly rate for your service. You also need to take care of your own invoices so you get paid in a timely manner and so that your taxes are in order.

Customer service – for each project you take your an, you must ask for detailed feedback from your client, if they don’t give it to you already. This will show them that you are continually looking for ways to improve how you work, so you can be valuable for their company again in the future.

If this sounds like just the areas you are best at, so is a freelance career maybe something for you.

Think about what specific skills you have and what type of businesses that may need them. It is time to go out and get hold of some work.